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Talking Points on S.1955 for Phone Calls/Meetings with U.S. Senators

  • Today, an estimated 5.7 million Americans in 46 states and the District of Columbia are guaranteed diabetes health coverage because of state regulations of insurance coverage. The American Diabetes Association is committed to protecting these state diabetes laws.

  • S.1955 the “Health Insurance Marketplace Modernization Act” would undermine those laws by removing existing health coverage protections.

  • Under this legislation, insurers will be able to circumvent state regulations and offer a low-cost health plan to employers that could exclude diabetes coverage. This proposal takes away the right of states to govern health plans and to determine important health care coverage that their residents should be able to receive.

  • S. 1955 also allows health insurance premiums for many small employers to increase substantially simply because the business employs someone with diabetes or another serious illness.

  • Many Senators remain undecided on this issue.  They need to hear why this bill hurts people with diabetes by removing critical coverage protections. In doing so, people with diabetes will be unable to properly manage their disease and will inevitably develop debilitating and costly complications.

  • Ask your Senator: Will you preserve health insurance coverage laws for people with diabetes by opposing S.1955?